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Ewe-Nique Farms' Alberta lamb is the perfect choice for a healthy dinner. It's high in Vitamin B and low in cholesterol.

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Our lambs are raised free ranging on our lush pasture with access to clean water all summer...

When chickens are raised on pasture, the meat has a higher nutritional value...

Pastured, free range raised eggs...the yolks say it all...

What Makes Ewe-Nique Lamb unique?

We process all our provincially inspected lamb in our CHR approved meat cutting facility on the farm. After a year of getting all of our processing done elswhere and having the lamb cuts coming home with a less than desired quality, we now have a consistent superior lamb product.

Notes From the Farm

Fresh chicken coming middle of August 2016.  GMO free certified!
Taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys! Limited Quanities